We are pleased to share that we have many upcoming announcements; these have informed a redefinition of our Washington DC studio. With this we are closing our doors momentarily as the building is undertaking a redesign that will serve a more bespoke experience and keeping with an atelier. When we re-open our doors, we will send an invitation for a private gathering for all that have been so supportive over these many years. Expect highly curated offerings, including Darryl Carter Private Label and a number of couture brands that will be both floored and cataloged. To fully engage with our guests, we will be open by appointment going forth.

DESIGN SERVICES | 202-234-5926 or info@darrylcarter.com

EMPLOYMENT INQUIRIES | employment@darrylcarter.com

BOUTIQUE INQUIRIES | 202-234-5926 or boutique@darrylcarter.com